zesty scallopini.

one thing you may have discovered about me is: i love food.

one thing you may not yet know about me is: i really love recipes.

i’m totally obsessed.

i read food blogs like they are going out of fashion (yeah, like that’ll ever happen). i take my mum’s old issues of delicious, donna hay and gourmet traveller just about every time i visit. and… i always ‘steal’ those little recipe cards in coles. (thanks, curtis stone).

without sounding like a jerk face, i do tend to change them up a little. i mean, no offence to mr stone, he is just appealing to the masses. and the masses aren’t usually fans of broccolini. but i am.

zesty scallopini with broccolini & crunchy taters

4 small washed potatoes
fresh or dry rosemary
bunch of broccolini
2-4 scallopini ‘steaks’
2-4 tbsp plain flour
25g (or a big tbsp) unsalted butter
a lemon, thinly sliced ‘wheels’
another lemon, for the juice
a tbsp of chopped parsley
olive oil
salt & pepper

firstly, taters: preheat oven, HOT. around 220C (or 450F). chop them into wedges – i cut them in half, then cut the halves in half. easy enough. rinse them in cold water for a minute or two. pop them in a pot of cold, salted water and bring to the boil. cook til soft, but still firmly holding shape. drain and leave to dry for a little while, at least twenty minutes. (i can’t stress how important this is. i learnt this trick from merowyn at blithely unaware and it is killer.) season a baking tray with olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary and toss the potatoes in and around until coated. toss and turn once or twice during the 30 odd minutes of baking time.

secondly, broccolini: get your water on to boil – ready for steaming or boiling. i chucked mine on (to boil) for only a couple of minutes, just as the scallopini was almost finished.

thirdly, the scallopini: season with salt and pepper, then dust in a little flour, shaking off the excess. heat a tablespoon of olive oil, very hot, and then throw the scallopini steaks in to cook for around a minute on each side. remove to warm plates and put your butter in the pan to brown off. squeeze your second lemon into the pan and place your first lemon – the wheel slices – in along with it. let them soften just slightly (only takes a minute or two) and throw in your parsley.

serve up your scallopini, dressed with your zesty ‘jus’, and plate up a hefty bunch of broccolini and some crunchy taters alongside.

perfection, for two.



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