pesto mushrooms.

[picture unavailable due to super speedy eating]

my gosh, these have to be my absolute favourite part of the festive season. every year these tasty little canapés make an appearance on our christmas lunch table and on share plates at our new year’s day party, then never to be seen again.

(oh, except for our wedding day – where they were the guest of honour)

they are to die for.

pesto mushrooms

two big bunches of basil
a cup and a half of pine nuts
three big garlic cloves, crushed
a cup of good quality parmesan cheese
around a cup of evo oil
salt and pepper
mushroom of choice, small and firm
spray oil

whiz up your basil, pine nuts, garlic and parmesan until mushy. drizzle in your olive oil, until you get to your desired consistency. salt and pepper to taste. add bits until it ‘tastes nice’. note: this pesto should be not too runny for this recipe.

pull the stalks from your mushrooms. for this recipe we used swiss brown. fill them with spoonfuls of pesto and place on baking paper on baking tray. spray generously with oil and pop them in a hot (220C)oven for ten to fifteen minutes, until bubbling.

serve immediately (with a warning about the heat). trust me, people won’t wait til they are the right temperature.

serve with a cup of ice, perhaps.



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