mrs trifle.

i’m absolutely obsessed with eating a fabulous dessert. due to my naughty little habit, more often than not i won’t indulge at home, but only when out for dinner. unfortunately (for my body), we eat out a lot.

this particular dessert was created by the combined forces of myself, my mother and a dear family friend visiting from england, on christmas day.

the cake-y layer becomes a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth sponge full of tasty, bright bites of fruit. the custard is just too good with the macadamias. and i don’t know if i will ever be able to eat cherries without whipped cream again.

it is just divine. just go for a jog the next morning.

mrs trifle

1 sponge cake layer
2 punnets blueberries
2 mangoes, chopped
quarter cup of marsala
600g thick custard
2 handfuls macadamias
600ml whipping cream

crumble the sponge cake into a big bowl, preferably a clear bowl to show all your layers. throw in your blueberries and chopped mango, top with marsala and mix gently with your hands. press it down firmly, without squishing your blueberries. smooth over the layer once it is packed down. top the layer with custard, you can use as much custard as you wish. i used it all (yummy, custard). refrigerate for a couple of hours, to let your layers set nicely.

when you are ready to serve: chop up your macadamias, fairly rough, leaving nice chunky bits. layer these over your custard. whip your cream and spread over, being careful not to disturb the custard and nuts too much. top with as many fresh cherries as you like.

note: you can make your own custard, we just happened to have some in the fridge at the time of creation.



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  1. michelle maguire

    Im still getting through my christmas trifle… will try yours for next xmas… looks delicious x

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