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messy ponytail.

Ah, my favourite kind of ponytail.

Too be honest, I don’t really know how many other kinds of ponytails are out there. Sometimes I’ll rock a sleek, low ponytail; other days, a loose, bouncy side ponytail. And that’s about it.

When I discovered the perfect combination for the ultimate messy ponytail, I was pretty damn happy with myself. Actually, happy is a slight understatement – I jumped for joy for about an hour, before setting up a Facebook event for everyone to stop by my place and check out my super hot ‘do. Cocktails and party pies were involved, it was the party of the year.

Slight exaggeration? Maybe. Whatevs.

To start, you need awesome hair. Well that’s not entirely true, my hair is awful and even I can pull this look off. But I ‘awesome’ my hair with my hair’s best friend, the Remington Pearl Straightener. Personally, I love this ponytail with sleek, straight hair. It balances the ratio of messy:chic to perfection.

Next, you need the perfect tools. If a visual kinda person, check it all out below, but these are my top picks:

1. Black hair elastics (Scunci has some great options)
2. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hairspray
3. TRESemmé Dry Shampoo
4. Paddle brush
5. Slide comb

The reason I suggest dry shampoo is because a messy ponytail can really only be as amazing as I say it can if your hair is a little lived in. Sure, you can go all Zoë Foster on me and dust a little of that ‘magic powder’ she loves so much in there, but really, lived-in hair is lived-in hair.

And you can’t beat lived-in hair. It is heaven.

So, step one… Ruffle up those roots. Really get in there and don’t be shy. Spray a light coat of hairspray (from a height), if the roots are still a little too soft. Using your slide comb, back tease a few sections of the hair where you want some body. Now, here’s the tricky part.

I’m sorry. I should’ve warned you about the tricky part.

Some years ago I discovered my absolute fave ‘BUMP’ section. I thought: ‘heck, Snooki’s got one… so should I!’. So, now is the time to discover yours. I like to part my hair on the right – well, ‘like’ is a stretch, my hair just tells me that is how it’s gonna be! – and so I tend to give a little body to the left-ish side of my head. It just works for me, okay?

Okay, okay.

Use your slide comb to create your bump, and don’t be too fussed about making it look neat and pretty. It’s a messy ponytail, remember? Anyway… now you can use your fingers to comb up your hair into a high ponytail, being sure not to pull too tight. Wrap your elastic around and then loosen up the hair at the top of the head with your fingers a little, to give the hair a bit of life.

Now is the time I like to use my paddle brush. Grab the ponytail at the base, to keep it secure, and brush out the hair so you bring it back to that sleek, chic thing I was rambling about earlier. Sometimes I’ll run my straightener through it again, but obviously you only need to do that if you actually want that dead straight look.

Almost over, don’t worry.

Spritz with a little hairspray and admire yourself (for as long as you want really, I’m not shy about a little self-love) in the mirror. The bump gives you the messy look, every time. And it’s super easy to do.

Don’t forget to make your Facebook event. Trust me, you will want to show that bad boy off.



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hair and lies.

Everyone, at some time in their life, has been told in more or less words: “oh no, don’t use Pantene. It’s so bad for your hair. The WORST, even!”

Whether it be your hairdresser, your girlfriend, or – in my case – my heterosexual male friend with seriously impressive hair, every girl has been told that Pantene ain’t worth the pennies. When asked ‘why?’, your hairdresser/girlfriend/hetero-mate has probably come up with an answer that hasn’t really satisfied your desperate plea for more information, but has still got you walking past that sexily understated packaging in the supermarket aisle.

The most common ‘naughty words’ associated with Pantene are without a doubt: silicone coating. But does anyone really know why a silicone coat on your precious little locks would be so tragic? Well, thanks to super-awesome panelists Barney Martin (hairstylist extraordinaire), Dr Jasmin Karsono (Pantene’s senior scientist), and Tony Pearce (Pantene’s expert trichologist), I now have all the answers.

So here’s the deal: a silicone coating does pretty much what it says it’s gonna… coats each strand of hair with silicone.

Does this damage your hair? No, why would it?!

Sure, a silicone coating might not nourish the hair like a fancy new ‘oil’ may do, but it certainly does protect your shiny little mane from further damage. You see, that little coat makes brushing and styling easier as it reduces that nasty little business we call “friction”.

Are you sold? Wow, seriously, not yet? OK, fine.

So you’re worried it’s going to block your colour or your hair won’t get all that special nourishment or maybe you’ll just get a freakish build up of product in your hair? One wash and it’s gone. Simple as that. A silicone build up doesn’t hang around like a bad smell – well, unless you’re not washing your hair, which is totally gross by the way – if you are shampooing like you should be. And if you are really concerned, run out the door (seriously, like right now!) and grab yourself a detoxifying shampoo. I’ve listed some hot options below.

You’re so sold now, huh?  (Thought so.)

The best tips for keeping your hair in tip top shape? Never bypass conditioner, treat your hair to a little treatment weekly, protect from heat styling, eat body-nourishing foods, and don’t be so afraid of a little silicone protection either.

You can’t knock it until you try it.



Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo; Aveda Shampure Shampoo; Sebastian Light Shampoo

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head in love; heart in love

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