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morning stroll.

i thoroughly enjoyed my morning stroll this morning.

(i opted for ‘the stroll’ over ‘the jog’ after a gruelling MXT class a couple of nights ago; body is still in recovery)

the magic of spring really took me by surprise.

and so, i had to share.



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a cure-all.

yummy. doesn’t it look all heavenish and glowy?!

i’ve been trying – for some time now – to get a little healthy. but i’m a slow learner… so this dee-lish brunch started some weeks ago as potatoes in olive oil. now, they are my healthy little [hangover] cure-all.

saturday morning fry up

2 potatoes, peeled and chopped (smallish)
a handful of mushrooms, chopped (same size ish)
2 handfuls of baby spinach
a large tablespoon of coconut oil
fresh thyme
chilli flakes
(salt n pepper)

i always rinse my peeled, chopped potatoes under cold running water and leave them to dry out a little (or pat dry with a paper towel). melt the coconut oil in a pretty hot fry pan until ‘popping’ a little. throw in the potatoes and keep them moving quite a bit. i let mine sit for a few seconds and then move around again. once they are getting fairly golden, turn down the heat a little and throw in the mushrooms. followed by your fresh thyme, chilli flakes, salt and pepper. move around until mushrooms are a little coloured and then throw in your spinach. cook down and serve immediately.

best enjoyed with fresh pineapple juice.


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