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simply pasta.

one of the things i love about my husband and me is that we often have very different tastes. after some years now, we’ve adapted to our own type of ‘fusion’ so we can coexist without having to cook two meals at mealtime.

i love to eat simply. as a teenager, i called it ‘plain’. but now i have far more respect for food!

my husband likes flavour with flavour on it.

see the problem?

so you could imagine my surprise when my [very attractive] husband not only ate this tasty dish from my bowl one day, but put in a special request for this very dish for dinner tonight. see, this pasta is the simplest pasta i’ve ever created. (yes, created)

simply pasta (for two)

2 garlic cloves
1 large red chilli*
a handful of flat leaf parsley
a handful of parmesan cheese
a big tablespoon of unsalted butter
a lug or two of extra virgin oliver oil

put your pasta on to cook in seasoned water. thinly slice your garlic and chilli, roughly chop your parsley. halfway through the recommended cooking time (pasta), warm your olive oil in a fry pan and add the butter. when the butter starts to bubble, throw in the garlic and chilli and turn the heat down. keep it moving until the garlic is cooked to your liking (i prefer it somewhere between softened and crispy brown). drain your pasta and toss it around in the fry pan til coated. throw in almost all of your parsley and parmesan and toss about. serve immediately and garnish with left over parsley and parmesan.

so easy. so tasty.

Best served with Lisa McGuigan Pinot Gris.**


*tonight i actually used dried chillies all chopped up, but fresh is so beautiful. visually, and on the palate.
**this wine is brand-spanking-new and freaking incredible. i suggest getting your hands on it and becoming obsessed before the trend catches on and our trendiest cities are all over it. you definitely want to be one of the kids who liked this drop before it was uber cool.


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