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i’m sorry.

Sitting at home, drinking red wine, on a Saturday night.

I thought it was about time.

To say: Sorry.


Forgive me?

{ img src; phaz-ing, if in doubt, invincible }


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facebook lovin’.

I love my daily pretties.

And while I’m a little quiet as we near Fashion Week,
you can still keep up with me on Facebook.

Do it.


hard, pretty things. on Facebook.

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bright n bubbly.

Brights. Oh my.

They just make me smile.

(And that’s exactly what I need with less than a week til Fashion Week)


{ img src; if in doubt, snobfashionsource }

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monday morning smiles.

A beautiful start to the working week.

What are you looking forward to most?

(Thursday’s photo shoot, for me!)


isabel marant sneakers

{ img src; if in doubt, invincible, theyallhateus }

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lace and leather.

Two things I will never tire of.


{ img src; theyallhateus, invincible, if in doubt }

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saturday street.

Bit of fashion love for the weekend.

Now… getting-ready time.


{ img src; because i’m addicted, fashion me now, maiden sydney }

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Everything about this collection is to die for.

Edgy meets flirty.

Kelli Wharton is a freaking genius.

I heard their LMFF show was incredible. Cannot wait for MBFWA.


“Textures fill our world with structures of interwoven fibres and other distinctive compositions creating a complexity of harmonic balance. There is a delicate difference among earthy movements of desert sand and olives. Loving cocoa tinted siena brown shades, there is also an upbeat line-up composed with various spiced colours. Ochre, mandarin and red are displayed in graduating shades, chrome yellow is combined with orange that is also paired with deep brick shades giving a rustic wild mood.” //

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