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i’m sorry.

Sitting at home, drinking red wine, on a Saturday night.

I thought it was about time.

To say: Sorry.


Forgive me?

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lace and leather.

Two things I will never tire of.


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this was supposed to be.

This was just supposed to be about casual wear.


It voiced my secret desire for coffee.


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seven days.

I do this thing for my husband’s birthday each year.

No, not a nasty thing. A sweet thing.

I get him a single present for each of the seven days leading up to his birthday.

Everyone thinks he’s spoilt. I agree.

Mostly because… he does NOT do this for me.

So this year, I thought I would celebrate my own make-believe seven days as I approach my birthday (next week, eep!).

Follow me on Facebook to see what makes my wishlist.


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After an insane week… I was just plain tired.

I spent the whole weekend barely leaving the bedroom.



miranda kerr

mary kate ashley olsen mka

miranda kerr

mischa barton

miranda kerr orlando bloom

blake lively serena gossip girl

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being blue.

Teal, sky or navy. I love it all.

Blue isn’t a sad colour. It’s just serene.


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lucky, ms bilson.

Rachel Bilson is some other kind of beautiful.

And this shoot… super cute!


{ video src; who what wear }

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